how to buy gabapentin online YCL (HONG KONG) LIMITED

About Us

Planning for your future

esbriet pirfenidone 200 mg YCL (HONG KONG) LIMITED is a long-established Professional Firm that provides a total business solution for wealthy individuals and corporations. We provide help with diversifying the risk of keeping "all Eggs in the one basket", by offering One-stop solutions to help our clients to incorporate or to run their business in Hong Kong or overseas, to acquire their "Second" citizenship by investment or to reallocate their family & business.

Faith & Belief

buy prednisone online uk We pursue success for our clients as our name "YCL" Stand For Yue(裕) Cheong(昌) Loong(隆), in chinese means we desire our clients to have a "Prosperous" , "Abundant" and "Rich" life & business.

Our Milestone


Immigration Consulting Service Since 1993

We have helped numbers of businessmen, entrepreneurs and senior executives from different countries to successfully immigrate to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan through Business and Investment Immigration Programs.



Handle Cases from PRC since 1997

We have helped numbers of wealthy individuals to immigrate to Hong Kong or overseas and start running their businesses. 



Company Formation Service Since 1998

We have provided one-stop company formation services, including company secretary, served office, virtual office and tax & accounting. 



Asset protection Since 2000

We have assisted many high net worth individuals to obtain their second citizenship through  “Citizenship-by-investment” programs, to establish their “Trust” for protecting their global assets.



Establish business centre Since 2012

Providing a served office & co-working space for our clients.



Setup Taiwan office Since 2015

We have established our first Office in Taiwan, to serve our global clients.

2015 Story Behind The Name
“Yue” “Cheong” “Loong” (YCL) were initially three seperated words which are commonly used in traditional local brand names. It represents the old spirit of do business in Hong Kong, through hard work to achieve success. Our brand is based on that old spirit, and that is the reason why we are named “YCL”.

“We believe Integrity is the most important value in doing business ”

Founder of YCL

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